Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Our yard's going in!

Well we've started to get our yard in finally on the house. We have a neighbor that owns a landscaping company and he made us a good deal on the sprinklers and sod. That's all we're doing at the moment since that's all we can afford right now, but we'll peice it together slowly. As it sits right now they are just about done with the sprinklers. They should finish them up tomorrow and get the initial grade done on the yard. Then we have 4 big trucks worth of topsoil coming in. I'm renting a skid loader from the landscape guy to use to get the topsoil spread. (that's part we're doing on our own) It's gonna be a busy weekend. Enjoy the pictures. Lots and lots of dirt. Can't wait until we've got some grass. Another couple weeks and we should be set. I'm feeling extremely lucky that we've been able to afford to have the sprinklers done professionally. Sprinklers aren't really that difficult but they can take a long time and when I did our own sprinklers in our last house, that was enough. So this will be good. :)

Here's a shot of the front of the house. I'll show the yard in the next few.

Since we're in a cul-de-sac our front yard in fairly narrow. We having some concrete work done where they'll be enlarging our back patio and putting an RV pad along the side of the house by the garage.

This next picture is from the southwest corner of our yard. You can see our relatively small front yard.

Now for the backyard. This will be my nemesis this summer. We've got a 1/2 acre lot and nearly all of it is in the back. We don't have a riding lawn mower (yet) so this could literally take me all day to mow with our mower. It's going to be really nice for the boys but it will be some work. You can see a little bit of our patio that will double in size. Also the RV pad will come all the way along the side of the house to the back corner of the house. This corner where I'm taking the picture will be a 30x30' section that will be bark or something on the ground where we can put a playground and the trampoline for the boys. And our neighbors on this side are putting in a fence right away so we'll have a fence down this side about to where the back of the white trailer is parked.

One last one for now. This is the back yard looking from the northwest corner. All the way along the fence in the left side of this picture will be a bed about 10' wide for trees and bushes to hopefully give us a little privacy from neighbors. You can also see blue flags along the right hand side that are approximately where the other property line is. We will eventually have a fence here as well along with more trees and bushes, again as some added privacy. The west side of the house here (just right on the side, not into the backyard) will be our garden for vegetables, and berries and a couple fruit trees. This garden will be enclosed by a fence along the property line and across the front, and will have a short stone wall with a trellis entrance from the back yard. Hard to envision but that's the plan. Hope you like it.


Jonathan said...


Keep me in line on what you guys are doing and how much you have done so far. I would like to help you guys come up with a master plan on how you want things to be. Send me a list of the things that you guys want in the yard and where along with any measurements you have of the edge of the property and the house and we can play with it a bit and come up with something cool that you two can work with as you put your yard in bit by bit. If you still have that pile of big boulder we can for sure do something pretty creative with them. Please let me help and even if you don't, at least let me draw up a design for my portfolio.

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