Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dining Room Mural

This is another old one. I was commissioned by my mother to paint this mural in her dining room a couple years ago. I took these photos of it while we were at my parents home for Thanksgiving this year. There were particular visual elements that she wanted in the mural which dictated each of the scenes, but it is meant to transition through the seasons as it goes around the room. It has a slightly stylized approach and was painted with acrylic.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Riverview Landscape

I thought I'd post up a recent painting I've been working on for my Mother-in-law. She grew up on a farm in Eastern Oregon right next to the Snake River. They owned an island out in the river where they grew melons. She asked me to do a painting of the river and the island as she remembered it as a girl. This is the view from the farm side of the river looking over to the island. This is where I'm at with it right now. There will be some changes with it and I'll post up the finished version when I get it done.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I have a blog!

I've been getting pressure from a bunch of the guys I work with to create a blog to display some of my artwork etc. So, like the spineless weakling that I am I buckled under the peer pressure and here I am. Stepping one rung lower on my ladder of self-esteem. :)

My first post is something really old. I did this a few years ago after a humorous discussion with my family about some medical issues that I have. I toyed around with the idea of creating some short adventure stories about these two characters...Dr. Chrons and his sidekick Colitis Boy....but quickly realized that the stories could easily become too graphic and/or disgusting for young minds so I abondoned the idea and this image of the dyanamic duo is the only evidence of their existence.