Thursday, October 18, 2007

And here's the Tractor

I posted some photos I took of a tractor on the farm where my mother-in-law was raised. They were all little details of the tractor that I thought were interesting. As I looked at them again it made me think back to what that day looked like and more importantly, what that old tractor looked like. It's a little bit surreal thinking back on that. There are some very beautiful and picturesque views on that little farm. This is one of them I think. That little island is very peaceful. My wife Michelle and her brothers and sisters spent a lot of time up there while they were growing up and they've got lots of memories on that island. I just have a few, but the few I have are pretty neat.

Nothing like a good tractor

I've had these photos for a while. I took them a couple years ago at the farm where my mother-in-law was raised in eastern Oregon. The farm has an island out in the middle of the snake river (actually the same island that's in the painting I've been working on). On that island they grow melons and the day we were there, an old Massey Ferguson tractor was sitting out in the field and it was just way too interesting to not take some pictures of. So here are some that I took.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Halloween

This was a really quick little sketch I did for our latest art challenge at work. The topic was "woggle of witches" kind of like a gaggle of geese. I didn't get the whole "woggle" and just have one witch, but it was fun. I was trying out some new custom brushes that I made in photoshop, so this painting was mostly experimenting with new brushes. I'm still learning how to use them, but I'm excited about how they worked for a first try.